Behind the scenes | T-shirts

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The original idea behind the T-shirt came from our Tour de France trip to Paris last summer. We wanted to tell the world why we were there and who we were there for: Bradley Wiggins (see the Tour feature in Issue 01 of the magazine).

A T-shirt becomes a personal billboard when you put your own message on it. Although very homemade it got good comments, enough to prompt us into thinking of having our own branded shirts. We came up with several initial designs, we showed a few people and got them to vote for their favourite. With the polls closed and the votes counted, a unanimous winner was found.

We believe you only get the best by working with the best. Having found, after a lengthy search, a print company who really understood and shared our passion for all things cycling we put the T-shirts into production. We opted two different colours, a classic white for the summer months and a warm orange to help brighten up the winter/spring season.

It was amazing to witness each stage in the production of the shirt - Christmas had definitely arrived early for Simpson’s creative director. The skill and craftsmanship involved in the entire screenprint process was amazing to witness. 

Simpson is very much black and white both in it’s views and opinions, the T-shirts carry on this ethos.