A new arrival

Just as a fine wine needs time to allow its flavours to mature into something special, the best print publications also reward patience. We're delighted to be able to reward yours by announcing that yesterday saw the birth, on press, of issue 7.

Cycling is, in large part, about the beauty of objects. We know people who have bought bike parts with no intention of ever using them. All they wanted was to admire them. Perhaps that's why we take such care to make Simpson a thing of beauty. For us, nothing beats the romance of print. From the images we use to the way we present them on the page right down to the quality of the paper stock, everything is carefully considered and, if your comments are anything to go by, it seems you really appreciate that. This sensory appreciation goes even further for some - an Australian reader once told us that, upon releasing his issue of the magazine from its packaging, he was struck by how fine it smelled!

The launch of Simpson CC delayed work on our latest issue but it also gave us the time and distance to stand back and really consider the variety of its content. From Team Sky world exclusives to Big Kev and Denise's eulogy to their tandem, we believe this issue covers the whole spectrum that road cycling has to offer.

While our attention has been intensely focused on issue 7, issue 6 has been earning us some very welcome recognition by being voted 'Magazine of the month' by Brighton based publication Viva Brighton - vivabrighton.com.