Cold weather riding

The right clothing is key to facing the elements with confidence. Knowing that you’ll remain dry and warm whatever the weather gives you the boost you need to get out riding.

When you nail your winter armoury – when you work out the combination of kit that works for you: the right gloves, overshoes, base layer/jersey/jacket, headgear – it can help you to retreat into a mental space that’s completely detached from the elements.

In extreme conditions, tiny details can make all the difference. Knowing you can adjust a jacket to fit just right around your neck, that your glasses will stop your eyes from watering without getting uncomfortable, that your base layer will keep you warm without overheating you…these are the things that can give you the edge.

And how do you figure out what works for you, both physically and mentally? Through trial and error, of course. There’s no substitute for hours in the saddle. Knowing you’ve earned your foul weather comfort with pain and suffering and numb fingers and streaming eyes and frozen toes makes it all the more satisfying.