Cycling: it's a community thing

The term cycling community has an American ring to it somehow. For us, it evokes a small town where everyone calls each other by their nicknames and high-fives are the order of the day. The real meaning of the term has long been a subject for debate in the letters pages of UK cycling magazines, where cycling etiquette and cyclists’ sociability are discussed at length.

The underlying philosophy that motivates us here at Simpson is that cycling brings together like-minded people, regardless of age, religion, social status or wealth. Like it or not we are all bound by our love of the bicycle. How we've arrived at this point is secondary to the immediacy of where we are now.

Shared experience tends to bond people. From families with young children to dog owners to the drivers of VW camper vans… all are likely to be sympathetic to each others’ needs. We believe cycling does exactly the same thing. If you pull up at traffic lights with another waiting cyclist the chances are you'll strike up a conversation. Be it about the weather, the road surface, bike comparisons or just 'which way are you heading out mate?' you'll always get a response.

While out riding this weekend we shared some miles with a cyclist we meet in just such a fashion. It's good to ride with new people, to share the unique pace of another; both mind and body benefit. It's a shame a broken spoke cut short a very enjoyable ride but we swapped numbers and will hopefully buddy up again soon. Having nursed the stricken bike back home it was great to receive a text from our new cycling friend making sure we got back safely.