Heed the call of the road

Sometimes you just have to find the time to ride, however busy you are. Sunday's weather was warm, bright and sunny and the call of the road became irresistible. We left the hassle of the town for the tranquil country roads of Suffolk, heading always coastal to catch sight of the sea.

With issue 5 of Simpson nearing completion, we've also been working on other projects, which has meant our time on the bike has been severely restricted. One of the main themes of the forthcoming issue is the social aspect of cycling. It's true that there is strength in numbers – had we not committed to riding with others, the temptation that day would have been to continue working.

But there comes a time to just get out on the bike, to seize the day and immerse yourself in the adventure of a ride, especially if you’re with others. Camaraderie is such a major factor in cycling. Sure, there’s a lot to be said for riding solo but we think sharing the experience with others really adds something special.

The road is unpredictable but you follow it together through highs and lows, gruelling climbs and glorious descents, puncture breaks and food stops. And all the while the banter cements the bond between riders and turns every ride into something unique, however familiar the route.

After a long ride (almost 80 miles in the case of last Sunday) your body starts to crave food long before the ride is over. We've been really pleased by readers’ feedback about our recipe pages. Stuart 'Stuey' Wadsworth, our food editor, has literally cooked up an amazing dish idea for the demands of a ride like this.

And that brings us back to the imminent issue 5. We’ve missed being out on the road but we think the new issue was worth the sacrifice – when you see it we hope you’ll agree!