In foreign fields

Cycling provides many adventures – whether you’re on or off the bike. As a spectator sport it has no equal. No other sport offers such close access to its stars, free on public roads. We travelled to Flanders to witness first hand a Spring Classic and fell in love again with the glory and beauty of Tour cycling.

The noise of the crowds cheering on their heroes, entire families all out together focused on their favourite riders. Kids scream out for the free race 'gifts' being handed out while parents and grandparents look on in anticipation of the race, remembering the classic races and legendary riders of their day.

We were fortunate enough to be in Flanders with a group of club riders taking part in the official sportive the day before the actual race. This year we were there to cover the event for the next issue of the magazine. Who knows? Next year we may even enter ourselves…

Apart from the race itself it was a full-on weekend of driving, navigating and avoiding the crowds to get the best vantage points. With the ‘Queen of the Classics', Paris-Roubaix, coming next we have another Monument of a weekend ahead!