Just a race between the lights

You know what it's like, you're cycling along and spot another cyclist ahead of you, from that moment they become your target - the thing you have to beat. It's the same philosophy, in our opinion, as having a number pinned on your back, it changes the mind's chemistry, you become a competitor!

With the rise in popularity of the logging/mapping app Strava, the competitive stakes now have a new champion. If you commute to work you cannot help but notice a) the rise in the number of cyclists out on the roads at rush hour and b) the increase in more performance style cycles sporting expensive, specialised equipment like deep section aero wheels, tri-bars and kit that's more at home on a club time trial than a ride to work. Although cycling is a multi-faceted discipline, it's the interjection of human nature that pushes things to these levels. The need to beat another cyclist takes over the primary function of morning/evening cycling. Ride and let ride but keep it safe for all on two (and four) wheels - remember we all get tarred by the same brush!