One man's grand tour: Stage 3 of 6

Day 3: Craven Arms to Arnside (Keswick). Had a slight north wind today which made the journey harder. Breakfast where I was staying started late so it was a tin of rice pudding by the side of the road! Lots of HGV traffic on the A49 to Shrewsbury and to Whitchurch. Thankfully they all turned left to Wales. I bumped into a guy who done this ride when he was 65 in two weeks. He had a friend with him; he was 70!

The jacket I had been keen to avoid wearing was on for a short while in the cold wind. The hills have now gone, but heading into the cities of Wigan and Warrington the average speed didn't go up by much. My nose for navigating was still in Devon mode. It took 12 hours to complete the 147 miles (including city detours). The day ended watching the sun set over Morecambe bay with my parents who who had come to see me en route.