One man's grand tour: Stage 4 of 6

Day 4: Keswick to Glasgow. Just had my midnight shower after finding the hostel by being navigated to it over the phone via my wife Allison. Its been hard work all day. The wind is still against me and it took its toll on the climbs even more than normal. I had to push the bike up the last mile of Shap fell, 1400 ft, and then pedal down the other side.

The village hall, the mythical half way point, still has no plague celebrating the fact! Out of Carlisle i've been on smoother cycle cross courses then the old road to Glasgow, bounced around for ages on the very rough surface. The climbs though gentle go on forever and some longer still! I got my first puncture just before the descend down. The road into Glasgow was very quiet and I did manage to get some speed up for a change, in the dark now. 155 very hard miles.