Remain in light

We witness change across every aspect of day-to-day living when the sun comes out. Suddenly we gain a more focused, positive outlook on life, it's as if a great burden has been lifted from us. Dinah Washington's 'What a difference a day makes' rings true every time! Suddenly you realise why so many Brits have moved aboard or at least own a second property on the continent.

The emergence of warm sunny days and longer lighter evenings inspires talk of winter being over. You can see why the pro teams all train abroad. Even with British Summer Time officially beginning in a few weeks time (30th March) the extreme weather of this winter has punished us all. The utter elation of feeling the warmth of the sun on uncovered arms and legs cannot be bettered or more welcomed.

Having enjoyed what many may describe as their first ride of summer, we then chose to go and sit in a darkened arena to watch the finals of the Revolution track series at London's Lee Valley VeloPark. Even the moon had a glow to it as we made our way in. This concluded what could only be described as a perfect day.