Simpson goes 3D

When Simpson was invited to participate in this year's Bastille Day Vulpine Cycling Fete, we didn't foresee the amount of preparation it would entail. Hats off to the hardened annual village fete stall holders as it's an art in it's own right. We commissioned our creative department with the task of coming up a with concept for our stand. It had to be transportable, easy to assemble, practical and look good. Obviously we can't reveal too much about the end result, you'll have to come along to the Fete and witness it for yourself but let's just say we're very excited by it!

The event takes place this Sunday 14th July at The Lion in Teddington, and runs from 12-6pm with big screen coverage of the Tour as well. It's also a special day for us as Stage 15 of this 100th edition Tour revisits Mont Ventoux, we remember the anniversary of Tom Simpson's passing some forty six years ago. Why not come along and say hello, it should be a great day!