Sockology: the art of detailing and much more


Whether you're pounding away on the pedals or kicking back on a low intensity recovery ride you're always aware of your cockpit surroundings, handlebars, hands, legs and feet. In the glory days of the summertime everything around you is bursting out with life, with such extreme intensity. Bare arms and legs begin to gain colour, those winter miles now prove there worth as you drink in the sights and sounds you've longed for. When you glance down you see the machine-like movement your legs are making: the engine room in motion. For us there's a certain special relationship taking place, that change of angle where leg meets foot. It's celebrated by the sock, be it an intense pattern, an explosion of colour or just a combination of elements.

On a domestic level sock choice has always been a personal 'thing' - much maligned with the stigma of Christmas gifting but to the cyclist it's become an expressive format. Even the hallowed ground of sock height caused unrest within the cycling community. Started by the seven time dethroned Texan Lance Armstrong and further championed by Sir Brad Wiggins, the long cuff sock is state-of-the-art to many 'new generation' cyclists. Gone are the purity days when white ankle socks were the staple diet, cycling's high altar has been replaced by a technicolour revolution.

Our stance on this remains open minded, the tri-band intersection ranging from leg to sock to shoe remains as individual as any other major bike decision. We just love to see how riders embrace this relationship without being judgemental in any way. This said we do ride with a guy who sports white cotton towelling tennis socks - a really strong rider and extremely nice chap but someone needs to have a word with him on this front.

Apart from the demands of seasonal materials 'Sockology' is an all year round affair - the doors are wide open. Colour and pattern is there to brighten the bleakest of winter rides so go and embrace the revolution. Love your feet and they will love you back. Happy feet = happy riding.