Worthwhile moments


There's nothing we like more than meeting our readers, whether it's on the road for a ride or at an event like the one we attended last night in Brighton.

The kind folk at Magazine Brighton had invited us to give a talk about what goes on behind the scenes at a magazine like Simpson: how we choose our stories, the thinking behind the design of the magazine, and some of the processes involved in turning raw ideas into the final product.

It was a fun session, capped by some good questions from the audience. We hope those who attended enjoyed it as much as we did - and maybe learned something new in the process. Our thanks to Roxy, Martin and the team at Magazine Brighton for making it all possible.

The best bit of the evening for us was when a young design student approached us after the talk and told us about her dad, who sadly fell ill recently. She bought him a copy of Simpson to cheer him up a bit - he'd once been a keen cyclist so she thought he might find it interesting. She told us that he loved the magazine and that reading it had really perked him up and reignited his interest in cycling. 

Hearing stories like that is what it's all about as far as we're concerned. Thank you so much to those who came to the event and to those who support us in other ways - by buying the magazine, following us on social media or joining our rides. We look forward to seeing you in the future at other events.