Our photographers of 2015

Words by Terry Hawes
Photography by Scott Mitchell,
Marshall Kappel, Jack Chevell,
Jojo Harper, Sean Hardy, Joe McGorty
and Karen M Edwards


We've felt very privileged in 2015 as we've been lucky enough to work with some amazingly talented photographers, from recognised names to young rookies - all submitting first-rate work.

The beginning of the year saw us interview Team Sky and Team Wiggins supremo photographer Scott Mitchell, whose images graced the pages of issue 7. Whenever you work directly with anyone you start to learn a bit about how they think and approach challenges. This is so important when it comes to dealing with any kind of visual material - you must be able to clearly communicate ideas in order to gain the desired end result.

Back in 2014 we received an email from a photographer who was completely unknown at the time asking us to spare a moment to look at his work. When we did it blew us away with its striking warmth and compassion. So many photographers are technically competent but their work lacks the heart and soul that really captures the beauty to be found in the world of cycling. The work of Marshall Kappel remains consistently excellent and we were proud to see him voted Cycling Photographer of the Year at the Cycling Media Awards 2015.

All the photographers we admire and work with share an undying passion for the sport and all are themselves cyclists. Jack Chevell clearly demonstrates this love in both his images and writing. We're excited to witness a new emerging breed of photographer/writer, one that can articulate visually and through words. Jack's latest feature in issue 9 (our forthcoming edition) is a great example of this. His perspective and opinion combine to create an enlightening visual spectacle.

When MA Photojournalism student Jojo Harper invited us to her graduation show at LCC in 2014 the story behind the images of her final major project were already laid out in readiness for the launch of issue 7. Her work had already won a National Geographic competition but what struck us about Jojo was her endless enthusiasm and ability to generate great feature articles. Obviously this is helped by having two pro cycling brothers, George and Will, who race for One Pro Cycling and Pedal Heaven respectively.

Earlier this year we launched Simpson CC - our own cycling club kit range. We wanted to showcase its unique design and fit both on and off the bike. This kind of cycling haute couture called for a special type of photographer - one who understood the worlds of fashion and cycling. Joe McGorty's images successfully embraced both disciplines through sensitive static, action and detail shots. It's his ability to combine the demands of these two very specialist areas that truly sets him apart.

Some months ago the Instagram images of Karen M Edwards caught our eye. Her unique approach and artistic flair really helped her stand out from the crowd. Karen comes from a racing heritage and studied fashion at college. We think it's this combination of credentials that helps generate such a fresh take on the sport. Karen tells us more about her work in an exclusive interview appearing shortly in issue 9.

One of the many reasons we started Simpson was to act as a kind of portal - a showcase for new creatives. We pride ourselves on breaking new talent; Sean Hardy is one such example. After a brief conversation we entrusted him with one of our major feature stories - the results were staggering. His boundless energy, creative eye and ability to capture the moment make us think Sean's images will be gracing more issues of the magazine in the months to come.

We look forward to discovering many more brilliant photographers and sharing their work with you in future issues of the magazine.