Our Philosophy

Simpson magazine aims to convey the true essence of what it’s like to ride a road bike. Simpson is an entirely independent publication that refuses to go down the path of churning out endless articles about fancy bikes and the latest cycling products. Simpson would rather just get out and ride and wants you to do the same. Reading Simpson will be like chatting to your fellow cyclists while you’re out on a ride. Simpson shares knowledge, busts myths, raises smiles and provokes thoughts - and it does so in an honest and down-to-earth way.

Our Inspiration

Simpson magazine was inspired by the ’60s British racing cyclist, Tom Simpson. He was the most successful road cyclist this country had ever produced - a benchmark for others to aim at. It’s only with the incredible success of the likes of Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome that Simpson’s achievements are finally being matched. His tenacity, spirit and courage are legendary in British cycling lore and he is still regarded with huge respect and affection all over the world. Simpson magazine wants to be worthy of its namesake.

Sharing the Knowledge

Cycling is steeped in knowledge that’s been built up over many road miles and many years. Simpson helps this knowledge to survive and grow by passing on hard-earned hints and tips for your benefit.

Image credits:
1. Tom Simpson photographed by Roger Viollet (Tour de Framce, 1964).
2. Tom Simpson courtesy of Graziano Nardini.