In-between the seasons 

Words by Terry Hawes
Photography by Matt Grayson

There comes a time, that post-solstice loophole in the seasons, when days are noticeably lighter for longer. Mornings are easier to wake up to, temperatures begin to rise and the need for bike lights at each end of the day lessens.

The everyday cyclist - the year-round commuter, holding firm on cycling’s frontline and at the mercy of the elements - is the first to notice the change. Add the wildcard of climate change to the equation (yes, it does exist, unless you’re a ‘Trumphead’) and you’ve got a total mixed up/mashed up cocktail of riding conditions. 

In 2019, the spring equinox falls on Wednesday March 20. Last year we had snow in March. Now, forecasters predict a ‘month-long freeze’. Can you then prepare for the unpredictable?

We at Simpson believe that comfort, warmth, functionality, visibility and versatility remain the key factors in kit choice at this time of the year. Cycling is about embracing the great outdoors - correct clothing choices mean you can effectively combat the elements. We actively encourage a mix-and-match attitude to find that perfect kit combination - the one that works for you.

A few of our choice items are new, most are from last year’s collections. In comparison to the rest of Europe, UK winters are short (maybe Brexit will change this). We’re not fashion victims; style of course costs nothing. Simpson is proud to kick back against an industry that contributes to global warming via landfill and pollution. Fashion ranks second only to fossil fuels in the harm it causes our planet.

Kit choice comes down to a personal hybrid; a mix based on a previous knowledge and expectation of fit, fabric and quality. The period between February and March isn’t spring; it’s an in-between season. Here are our go-to combinations for this distinct time of year; a strategy defined by temperature and wind chill ratings:

Fresh to Bitter:
Cotton cap - Bontrager, £15
Clear lensed riding glasses - POC, £90
Short sleeved undervest - Rapha, £50
Thermal bib shorts - La Passione, £120
Jacket - Sportful, £225
Thermo socks - Chapeau, £00
Knee warmers - Santini, £20
Gloves - PedalED, £73

Bitter to Freezing:
Cotton cap - Bontrager, £15
Clear lensed riding glasses - POC, £90
Long sleeved undervest - Sportful, £55
Thermo bib tights - Sportful, £150
Rain jacket - Sportful, £260
Gloves - PedalED, £73 or Pearl Izumi Lobster, £35

Bike - Condor Italia, frameset, £750

*These choices are independent, our own, and not influenced by manufacturers. As ever, we are what we ride.