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Roadside at the Worlds 2018

Photography by Matt Grayson
Words by Truman Sparks

After the dust had settled surrounding the victor of the Men’s Road Race, we felt it was time to distance ourselves from the furore and focus on the aesthetic beauty of the event. 

The light, the architecture and the people who came to watch the Championships in Innsbruck - the fans, the bystanders, new and old created the total spectacle. With it’s richness and colourful location. this World Championship was both special and at the same time unique.

We were fortunate to have photographer Matt Grayson already in Germany and he was as keen as we were to savour - and more importantly - capture the event roadside with the masses. His images reflect the dramas unseen and overlooked by the purest sports photographer. With Matt’s images it feels like you’re witnessing preciously captured moments that when woven together to convey a story closer to the soul of this event.

We feel privileged to be in a position to share these images with you. Many thanks Matt.

Matt Grayson is a freelance photographer and Simpson contributor