The launch of a team

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We were proud to launch the Simpson Trade Team on 14 June at the Olympic velodrome at the Lea Valley VeloPark in Stratford, East London.

We have designed exclusive team kit that will allow us to be recognisable at events and also make it easier for us to make contact with you, our readers.

The team comprises of people who are directly involved with Simpson Magazine in various ways and without whom it would not exist.

Launching a team feels to us like the next stage in the magazine’s development. It will give us the opportunity to enjoy both the social and competitive aspects of cycling as part of a unified Simpson team.

During the coming months we will be riding several events, the first of which will be L’Eroica Britannia on 20-22 June (our first official team ride) and the Dunwich Dynamo on 12-13 July. More dates will be added shortly.

On 6 July, Simpson Trade Team member Paul Rippon will be attempting to ride the LEJOG in six days on a singlespeed bike, raising money for Cancer Research UK in the process. We’ll be featuring a daily blog of his progress.

Every team rider will be asked to sign and abide by a code of conduct geared towards upholding some of cycling’s nobler traditions – traditions such as showing respect to other road users and obeying the rules of the road.

True to the origins of the magazine, we believe in getting out and riding – it’s what inspires us the most.

One of the bitter little ironies of having such a passion for cycling that you decide to launch a cycling magazine is that producing the publication eats into the time you have available to actually cycle.

We’ll still pour all of our love for cycling into the magazine, of course, but the launch of the Simpson Trade Team gives us the best possible excuse to set aside the work commitments and deadlines every once in a while and do what we really love – ride our bikes with like-minded souls.

We would like to thank Prendas Ciclismo and Bottlesport for their help and sponsorship.