Of a fashion...

The ever-increasing popularity of cycling has generated a growing demand for kit specifically designed for those who ride bikes. We have grown to expect cycling-specific fit and function from everything from jerseys to jeans. Gone are the baggy, flapping garments that cyclists of previous generations had to put up with.

With eBay running amok with retro kit disasters, here at Simpson we’ve identified a new cycling vogue. Inspired by the wettest winter since records began and the proliferation of indoor training equipment, 'turbo fashion' has arrived!

Indoor training presents us with a more intimate cycling environment – a private domain away from the prying eyes of the world. Here you can sport the kind of outdated strips, unwanted Christmas gifts, or bizarre kit combinations you would never normally dream of wearing. The possibilities are endless!

Taking pride of place on the indoor training catwalk at Simpson Towers right now are the disgraced or defunct team kits of yesteryear. We could never again publicly wear Armstrong era kit without feeling like we were disgracing our beautiful sport. But the quality of the kit is as good as it ever was. Indoor training allows us to revisit this and other unthinkable outfits behind closed doors!

No one need know how outlandish your choice of training kit is. Anything goes – the wilder the combination the better! But for those brave souls who are prepared to share, we would invite you to send photos of the look rocking your turbo sessions at present to info@simpsonmagazine.cc. We’ll keep them to ourselves, honest!*

*We won’t really.