Reliving the past

You know what's it like, that feeling of half recognising someone from your past when you're out but not seizing the opportunity to go and confirm things for yourself. In issue 2 we showed a golden 10-year Puch guarantee card, the sole remnant of my first road bike, an Austro-Daimler. It was my 14th birthday present, I can remember, even now the clicking sound as my dad wheeled it in through the house to my bedroom, as I lay in bed.

Needless to say through the years it got loaned out and then was lost. I wish I still had it, I'd love to do a retro ride on it although I'm sure it's not going to be as good as I remember it being. A few weeks ago I saw this bike pictured here - apart from the frame size (mine was a 21-inch) it was identical! I had to take as many images as I could to soak up the joy and delight of seeing virtually my old 'racer'. Maybe it gives me a degree of hope that my bike is still being ridden around somewhere.

If you do know of or have seen a bike matching the one in these pictures, a 21-inch version, I'd love to hear from you. Get in touch via if you think you can help.